keep Istiqomah guys to wear hijab syar’i



bissmillah , assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh,

O Allah, i am so pleasure because you show me your way, i believe with my hijab syar’i now, i wanna doing what you said in your holy Al- Qur’an. Insyaa Allah i will keep spirit to Istiqomah.

Someday, when i am a child haven’t think about hijab syar’i just wear jilbab like most of all people  common used it. I am Never feel what i feel now, you know guys, when i walk in front of man, i don’t know i am feeling shame when i ma not use the hijab syar’i.

hijab syar’i or maybe you can say ” according with tenet of islam” if you use it please go far from tabarruj, never make some people wanna see you with your appearance because thats mean you use it to attractive other person, and as a muslimah, Allah prohibit us to doing like that.

come on do action now girls, change your mindset , choose the right ways, believe Allah always all around us, open your heart and let His Light into your heart, He will show you the right light to find His Jannah.

don’t wait until the shroud will cover your aurat. keep Istiqomah 🙂

i am not a perfect muslimah but i wish will be, Aamiin 🙂




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