My Sunset

my sunset is ...



Last time when i met someone its feel my sunset. Hemm.. my friend told to me its VMJ in Indonesia its mean Virus Merah Jambu. Eaaa.. What it is? its mean falling in love. Oh My Lord *shock expression. Its really hard to tell about LOVE. Peoples often define it with feel from person to person. But i think its not true, cause LOVE is to all, for your family, your friend, your classmate, etc. Define about LOVE is have much definition.

You can interpretation it guys, every single people has different definition of LOVE. When you falling in love with someone please never talk to your friend or what else, cause maybe he is not your soul mate. How if like that? And how if ¬†someone you like in actually he like your friend or just assume you be his friend. Waww i can’t imagine.

*sorry if my skill in english not good, cause i am studying now to learn english

bye ^_^ smile for you guys


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