Conditional Sentence type 1

Conditional sentences (also known as conditional clauses or if clauses) are made up of two halves. One half (the half with the word if in) is a condition, and the other half (the main clause) states the action to occur if the condition is fulfilled. There are 4 types of conditional sentence if commonly used, namely: type 1, type 2, type 3 (unreal), and type 0 (scientific fact / scientific truth). If Formula Conditional Sentence. But for now I will write about type 1 in Conditional sentence.

The formula pleased sentence type 1
If + Subject + V1 , S + Will + 1 V
Examples Sentence Conditionals Sentence Type 1
1. If have much money I will go around the world
Fact : are likely, probably, may be.

First type in Conditional Sentence is used with ‘will/can + base verb’ for a probable future result.

for example :

‘If you study hard, your English will improve.’

‘If I get enough sleep, I will feel better.’


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