Minggu ke empat dalam mata kuliah Business English kali ini kita mendapatkan tugas untuk mengerjakan soal nomer berikut ini :

A. Excercise 37 : Relative Clauses

  1. The last record which produced by this company became a gold record
  2. Checking account that require a minimum balance are very common now
  3. The professor whose you spoke yesterday is not here today
  4. John whose grades are the highest in the school, has received a scholarship
  5. Felipe bought a camera that has three lenses
  6. Frank are who were nominated for the office of treasurer
  7. The doctor is with a patient whose leg was broken in an accident
  8. Jane is the women who going to China next years
  9. Janet wants a typewriter whose self-correct
  10. This book that i found the book last week, contains some useful information
  11.  Mr Bryant whose team has lost the game, looks very sad
  12. James wrote an article whose indicated that he disliked the president
  13. The director of the program whose graduated from Harvard University, is planning to retire next year
  14. This is the look that I have been looking for this book all years
  15. William whose brother is a lawyer, wants to become a judge

B. Excercise 38: Relative Clauses Reduction

  1. Who was
  2. That was
  3. That are
  4. Who was
  5. Who is
  6. Who is
  7. Who is
  8. That is
  9. Who have been
  10. Who is

C. Excercise 39: Subjunctive

  1. Leave
  2. Call
  3. Correct
  4. Suspend
  5. Take
  6. Correct
  7. That
  8. Attend
  9. Correct
  10. Find

Soal dalam tugas kali ini terdapat didalam buku pegangan kami.


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